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How to check pagerank backlinks to your blog (website) ? any PR4, PR5, PR6, PR7, PR8, PR9, PR10?

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How To make your Site PR2 instantly

from Create a PR5 Backlink In 10 Minutes This is my first post on this blog, and I’m going to share a juicy tip with you! How to get a PR5 backlink in 10 minutes flat! Continue reading

Don’t let Google stop indexing your blog page!

Why google stop indexing my or your blog posts? Simply the answer is, because Google does not like your blog. So to make Google index your site blog post faster, just simply make blog that Google love. What kind of blog, dude? Continue reading

How to make your blog post being indexed by Google in 2 hours?


Well, to make your blog post or website homepage being indexed by Google within 24 hours or less is simply you just need a blog that have at least having page rank PR 3 as this blog. I am not sure with PR 2 or lower. Please inform us if the PR 2 can make it possible to be indexed and crawled by Google within 2 hours. Continue reading

Thanks situs Lintasberita.com!

Kemarin jumlah kunjungan yang berasal dari situs http://lintasberita.com/ mencapai 109 hits, sementara hari ini mencapai 30 an hits. Situs lintasberita ini menampilkan artikel-artikel bagus/menarik dari situs2/blog2 yang ada, umumnya situs/blog indonesia.

Ada dua buah artikel saya yang dikirimkan oleh Continue reading