Will Baghdad Fall just like Saigon?

I read comment here NYTIMES.com  that US should make enough helicopters available to evacuate US people and diplomats in case the fall of Baghdad to ISIS (ISIL). Well now Baghdad is almost besieged by Islamist Sunni ISIS (ISIL) inside fallujah and Tikrit, Samarra and Dhuluiya, see Bagdhad City War Map here.

kebaya pengantin dan gaun pengantin muslimah

These ISIS jihadists may all be a nasty piece of work, and I hate to admit this, but i’m impressed with them. They’re the Islamic jihad equivalent of the NVA soldiers in Vietnam. Their swift push down toward Baghdad, though it has been temporarily halted, reminds me of the NVA’s mini-blitzkrieg that it did before Saigon fell. I hope there are plenty of helicopters ready for the American diplomats and Marines at the embassy. And I wonder how many tons of weapons, ammo, tanks, military vehicles, etc. they have confiscated from the feeing Iraqi soldiers. It’s like Iraq has become one big PX for them. I read on another website that Ayatollah Sistani has issued a call to arms for Iraqis to defend thebcountry against what he called “terrorist.” He has integrity and gravitas. He was the ayatollah who demanded that Iraqis write their own constitution when Paul Bremer was the viceroy during the early years of the American occupation. He got his way. I wish the Kurdish Peshmerga would use themselves as a blocking force against the ISIS jihadists.


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