Iran Send 500 Elite Forces to Fight ISIS (ISIL) in Iraq

The Iranian government is reported to have deployed about 500 troops from the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard to crush the militants were acting in Iraq. Such information is a senior security official in Baghdad.

Will ISIL (ISIS) fight against Kurdistan Peshmerga Army?

Iran’s actions following the fate of capital Baghdad, Iraqi militants threatened to be captured al-Qaeda group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL / ISIS). Hundreds of elite Iranian troops will join Iraqi forces to crush the militants. (Read: Fight Militants, Iraqi Shia cleric Stir War)

The official, told CNN last night (13.06.2014), said Iran’s elite forces to fight alongside Iraqi forces in Diyala province east. A spokesman for the Iraqi Interior Ministry, Brigadier General Saad Maan told AFP that the new plan. “To protect Baghdad,” he said.

“The plan consists of troop deployment, enhancing intelligence capabilities and use of such technologies (observation) balloons, cameras and other equipment,” said Maan.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Petagon not confirm reports of Iran’s elite forces who have entered Iraq. So far, Iran and the United States did not get along since the Islamic revolution broke Iraq, where the U.S. and Iran severed relations.

However, in the recent Iraq conflict, President Barack Obama has signaled to conduct air strikes into Iraq, but did not send combat troops. If the U.S. military action actually performed in Iraq, the military power of Iran and the U.S. military will be in Iraq skill performance. (Read also: Equally Please Iraq, Iran and the U.S. to showcase Strength)

“I have seen reports per there, but I do not have any information to confirm that no Iranian special forces in Iraq,” said Pentagon spokesman Admiral John Kirby.


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