Iran Join US to Help Army of Iraq

Iran on Saturday (14/06/2014) reportedly willing to cooperate with the United States (U.S.) to help their neighbors, Iraq in the fight against militant Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Will Baghdad Fall just like Saigon?

It’s no secret, that during this time the relationship between Iran and the U.S. is far from conducive. This collaboration itself would be a rare thing, and probably will only occur once within the next few decades.

“Today Iran is to consider a collaboration with the U.S. in dealing with terrorism in Iraq,” said the president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani through a statement, as reported by Xinhua.

The U.S. itself is still considering the form of assistance to be provided to Iraq. U.S. President Barack Obama reportedly will decide the issue in the next few days.

In contrast with the U.S., Iran reportedly has sent about 500 members of their elite troops to Iraq to assist the Iraqi security forces in the fight against militants who occupied several cities there, and reportedly is preparing to attack Baghdad.


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