Teens and Smoking

Adolescence is known as the period of the condition of a healthy body – healthy again . Adolescence is also a good time to instill healthy habits and disease prevention . Although the condition of the body is healthy , it does not mean a free teen live an unhealthy lifestyle because of what was done will determine future health .

Unhealthy lifestyle that is close to the world of youth is dabbling cigarettes . The survey results Indonesian Pediatric Association ( IDAI ) in 2013 showed that about 50 percent of teensĀ aged 15-19 years old and still in junior high / high school have been smoking and dating .

The impact of sleep deprivation is bad for teens health

According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey ( GATS ) Indonesia 2011 , 75.4 percent of smokers in Indonesia becomes active when a smoker under the age of 19 years . And more than 70 percent of students in Indonesia has the potential to secondhand smoke in public areas .

These data submitted by the Chief Strategy Officer of Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa Anton Suwoto Hope Combi at a press conference titled ” Education a healthy lifestyle for young people ” in Jakarta , Monday ( 04/07/2014 ) .

” We know the total adolescent population reaches 20 percent of the total population , so it is important to equip them with positive knowledge about healthy lifestyles including that will be the foundation of future behavior , ” he explained .

Pulmonary specialist doctors from the Faculty of Medicine , University of Indonesia ( Faculty of medicine ) Agus Dwi Susanto explains , smoking habits in adolescents will lead to various diseases in the future , such as heart disease , stroke , and cancer of the lung.

” It relates to cigarette smoke containing carbon monoxide and potentially accelerate hardening of the arteries and lead to these diseases , ” he explained .

Most of the young people in general do not care about the risks of smoking to health because they are confident of being able to stop smoking later . In reality , the school students smoked 1-5 cigarettes a day and 70 percent of them continue to smoke until the next period .

So a healthy lifestyle such as eating nutritious foods , getting enough exercise and physical activity , enough sleep , and avoiding air pollution should be initiated as early as possible , since a teenager .


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