Australian Tourists Still Seek Bali

Bali remains a favorite tourist destination for Australian travelers . At least it is seen from the results of the searches performed by Wego Australia , travel search sites .

” The top ten destinations for users Wego Australia is Singapore , Kuala Lumpur , and Hong Kong . Bali , Manila , Phuket and also remains a favorite among travelers looking for a vacation resort , ” said COO Wego , Matthew Varley was quoted as saying in a press release .

The fall in the Australian dollar exchange rate around the end of this year , it is predicted that next year Kangaroo State travelers seem to be relying on the choice of the tourist spots in the country . However , destinations that can be reached by a short flight such as Bali , Phuket , Fiji , and New Zealand will remain preferred.

Cooperation is woven Qantas and Emirates also offers many flights to Dubai and continued the trip to Europe . ” This route is likely to remain strong through 2014 , ” Varley concluded .

The top ten destinations by international travelers in search of Australia , among others ( sorted from the first rank ) : Singapore , Auckland , Bali , Bangkok , Kuala Lumpur , Manila , Hong Kong , Phuket , Jakarta , London .


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