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Will Baghdad Fall just like Saigon?

I read comment here  that US should make enough helicopters available to evacuate US people and diplomats in case the fall of Baghdad to ISIS (ISIL). Well now Baghdad is almost besieged by Islamist Sunni ISIS (ISIL) inside fallujah and Tikrit, Samarra and Dhuluiya, see Bagdhad City War Map here.

kebaya pengantin dan gaun pengantin muslimah

These ISIS jihadists may all be a nasty piece of work, and I hate to admit this, but i’m impressed with them. They’re the Islamic jihad equivalent of the NVA soldiers in Vietnam. Their swift push down toward Baghdad, though it has been temporarily halted, reminds me of the NVA’s mini-blitzkrieg that it did before Saigon fell. I hope there are plenty of helicopters ready for the American diplomats and Marines at the embassy. And I wonder how many tons of weapons, ammo, tanks, military vehicles, etc. they have confiscated from the feeing Iraqi soldiers. It’s like Iraq has become one big PX for them. I read on another website that Ayatollah Sistani has issued a call to arms for Iraqis to defend thebcountry against what he called “terrorist.” He has integrity and gravitas. He was the ayatollah who demanded that Iraqis write their own constitution when Paul Bremer was the viceroy during the early years of the American occupation. He got his way. I wish the Kurdish Peshmerga would use themselves as a blocking force against the ISIS jihadists.


The Iraq Army Get Back Town north of Baghdad from ISIS (ISIL)

Iraqi army retook the city in the north of Baghdad of insurgents Saturday, and they are ready to launch a counter-attack after Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki a mandate “unlimited power.”

Military forces and tribal militias police find 12 bodies were burned when they regained control of the town in the province of Salaheddin Ishaqi of Sunni Arab insurgents, said a police colonel and a doctor.

The city is one of the closest locations to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, insurgents seized in the raid to master the vast majority areas in the north and central parts of northern Iraq this week.

Forces also recaptured the nearby area Muatassam, Salaheddin province, said the police colonel.

On Friday night (13/6), police and residents drive out militants from the other cities of the province, Dhuluiyah, where they establish checkpoints, witnesses said.

“People are fired into the air to celebrate the win,” said witness Abu Abdullah told AFP.

Iran Join US to Help Army of Iraq

Iran on Saturday (14/06/2014) reportedly willing to cooperate with the United States (U.S.) to help their neighbors, Iraq in the fight against militant Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Will Baghdad Fall just like Saigon?

It’s no secret, that during this time the relationship between Iran and the U.S. is far from conducive. This collaboration itself would be a rare thing, and probably will only occur once within the next few decades.

“Today Iran is to consider a collaboration with the U.S. in dealing with terrorism in Iraq,” said the president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani through a statement, as reported by Xinhua.

The U.S. itself is still considering the form of assistance to be provided to Iraq. U.S. President Barack Obama reportedly will decide the issue in the next few days.

In contrast with the U.S., Iran reportedly has sent about 500 members of their elite troops to Iraq to assist the Iraqi security forces in the fight against militants who occupied several cities there, and reportedly is preparing to attack Baghdad.

Helping Army of Iraq, the U.S. will Send Warship

The United States (U.S.) will reportedly send one of their warships to the Gulf region. This step is performed as one action to assist Iraq in fighting the militants who increasingly stretched in the region.

US will send The carrier USS George H.W. Bush, from the North Arabian Sea, acompanied by the guided-missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea and the guided-missile destroyer USS Truxtun into the Gulf Saturday.

Will ISIL (ISIS) fight against Kurdistan Peshmerga Army?

Al Arabiya launch Saturday 914/6/2014), sending warships aims to provide another viewpoint to U.S. President Barack Obama, whether they will or not to send troops to Iraq.

Obama himself reportedly still needs time to think about whether they would send their troops back to Iraq or not. He was reportedly still considering other forms of assistance to Iraq.

“One of the U.S. warship, the ship George W. Bush will be sent to the Gulf region to provide options to President Obama about the use of air power,” said one U.S. official on condition of Anonymous.

According to these officials held several options in addition to sending troops Obama is sending drones or air forces fielded them in helping Iraq to fight the terrorists.

Casualties in War near Kirkuk between ISIS (ISIL) vs Peshmerga Kurdish Army

peshmerga army kurdish in kirkuk

According to the comment here at :

Latest confirmed Human Casualties in Kirkuk, Mosel and Kurdish areas:

ISIS: 78 killed. 287 injured.

Peshmarga Forces: 2 Fallen 3 Injured

according to KIM Peshmarga members.

So far the Peshmerga Army able to stop the advance of ISIS (ISIL) islamist entering Kirkuk City.

Will ISIL (ISIS) fight against Kurdistan Peshmerga Army?

Will Baghdad Fall just like Saigon?