Impact of Technology for Learning Ability

The teachers in Northern Ireland expressed concern the impact of modern technology on children’s ability to learn in school .

The issue became one of the discussion in the annual conference of Association of Teachers and Lecturers , ATL , which took place in Belfast on Thursday May 22.

They said it is concerned with the amount of time spent on the children in using computers and other digital devices outside of school .

The habit , according to ATL , causing students have difficulty concentrating in school and also not able to play and interact well .

” We heard reports of very young children who are still arriving at school and can not concentrate and socialize well as spending too much time in digital games and social media , ” explains Mark Langhamer , Northern Ireland Director of ATL .

ATL expects the UK Ministry of Education issued guidance to all parents of children time limits in the use of digital equipment .

potential hazards

Langhamer confirms the teachers acknowledged that digital technologies provide great benefit to the students .

” But it seems less awareness about the potential dangers , and we believe the Ministry of Education needs to take action to make more parents aware of the problem . ”

One of the fourth and fifth grade teacher , Emma Quinn , said the impact was too long at a computer screen visible in the school .

” Lack of motivation among students , the equipment was actually damaging their ability to learn . ”

Quinn added at least half of pupils aged seven to nine years of using digital games that cater to adults .


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