How To make your Site PR2 instantly

from Create a PR5 Backlink In 10 Minutes This is my first post on this blog, and I’m going to share a juicy tip with you! How to get a PR5 backlink in 10 minutes flat!

What Will You Learn
In this post I’m going to show you exactly how to-

– Get a new site indexed in less than 24 hours
– Get some targeted visitors
– Huge PR boost

What We Will Use
We are going to take advantage of a free, popular micro blogging service called

How To Do It
Step 1: Create an account at

Step 2: Have a look at this PR5 profile –

Step 3: Note down the tags that are been used in the biography section and use the same tags in your profile

Step 4: Under the subscriptions area, open each profile in a new tab and follow the same people

Step 5: Do exactly the same for all of the Groups

Step 6: Post your first update, don’t post any links just say Hi I just registered or something.

Step 7: In your profile put a link to your website

Explaining The Method
Basically what is happening here, is we are taking advantage of the internal linking structure of to increase the page rank of our own profile page.

When we subscribe to other peoples high PR profiles and join groups, this creates a link back to our profile page on each of those pages.

These allows us to sculpt the internal link juice to boost the page rank of our own profile!

The Results
On the next Google page rank update, you will see your profile page is a minimum PR 5.

And that’s a PR5 backlink directly to your website with anchor text! That’s enough link juice to make your site PR2 instantly!


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