Free WordPress Themes that make your blog SEO Friendly

The Below are the free five wordpress theme which focus on SEO. Google will love your posts. :
1. CopyBlogger
2. Neoclassical Theme
3. Elements of SEO

1. Copyblogger WP Theme.

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I could tell you why this a great SEO friendly theme, but I think the designer of the theme (Chris Pearson) says it best:

“Oh, and rest assured that the SEO aspects of the theme are absolutely top-notch. I view my themes as Web site frameworks – not just “designs” – and I wouldn’t bother to build a framework unless it was up to spec in all areas.”

With the ability to customize this theme to your own tastes, not only is this a great SEO friendly theme, but it’s also one of the best looking free WordPress themes available!

2. Neo Classical Theme

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Yes, this is another theme from Chris Pearson, and that’s exactly why I included it in this list. Once again, I think he does the best job of explaining why this theme deserves to be in this list:

I am not a designer, but rather a Web architect, and this product is reflective of that fact in many ways.

In addition to its search engine friendly code, this theme features great typography and the ability to rotate your header images. If a blog with two columns doesn’t provide you with enough space, you won’t be disappointed with this three column beauty!

3. Elements of SEO

This free WordPress theme looks so clean and professional that it could easily be used for a business blog. The theme allows you to upload different banners to the home, post and archives pages, so if you do use it for a business blog, this is a great opportunity to reinforce your company’s branding message throughout your blog.

Alibi Productions has done a great job of keeping this theme updated, so if you choose to use it, you can count on it functioning well with future releases of WordPress.

The ~ Bugil Telanjang


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