If WORDPRESS.com (WP) did’nt allowed user to put GOOGLE’s ADSENSE, how about WP set his own ADSENSE that similiar to Google’s Adsense?


Maybe Shareprofit WORDPRESS: USER = 50:50 or 60:40 will do.

For me in Indonsia to pay USD600 to WORDPRESS(to enable user put adsense in WORDPRESS.COM) is not affordable.

I have my own domain hosting and I have just put adsense there, but there are no visitor to my new own domain blog. It is hard to have visitor fro Google by own domain hosting.

* I guess WP’s API is the reason why WP “so Google friendly”.

C’mon Matt/Mark do us a favor. You rich, we rich too 🙂


* also posted in here:


4 thoughts on “WORDPRESS.com’s own “ADSENSE”

  1. Hoek Soegirang

    kekna susah sangadh lho kawand…matt khan uda kaya sangadh, mhuehuehuehuehue…

    iRW: barangkali saja dia mau sedekah … he3x


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