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Anak-anak kura-kura, si mungil & lucu yang membawa penyakit berbahaya

Washington (ANTARA News) – Kura-kura agaknya bukan hewan peliharaan yang aman buat anak-anak, setelah seorang bayi usia empat minggu meninggal tahun ini, demikian dikatakan oleh Pusat Pencegahan dan Penanggulangan Penyakit Menular AS (CDC) Jumat. Continue reading


Jodoh dan Soulmate

seorang teman cewek di kantor bilang ke saya bahwa jodoh beda dengan soulmate. Pasangan hidup yang kita nikahi belum tentu pasangan bagi jiwa (soulmate) kita. Soulmate buat kita belum tentu bisa hidup bersama kita dalam ikatan perkawinan karena satu dan lain hal. Soulmate, menurutnya, adalah pasangan jiwa yang mengerti diri kita. Kalau ada seorang menikah dan tidak bahagia, berarti mereka berdua bukan pasangan bukan soulmate bagi satu sama lainnya, begitulah pendapat teman saya. Continue reading’s own “ADSENSE”

If (WP) did’nt allowed user to put GOOGLE’s ADSENSE, how about WP set his own ADSENSE that similiar to Google’s Adsense?


Maybe Shareprofit WORDPRESS: USER = 50:50 or 60:40 will do. Continue reading

How Old was Aisyah when She got married to Muhammad? (was Prophet Muhammad a Pedophile?)

Dear Sir, I’m a moslem woman from Indonesia. as a moslem i must respect other people’s opinion include you. it’s a human right to speak whatever they want eventhough it’s include an insult about another religion.

~ Terjemahan dalam Bahasa Indonesia click here

Original Title: Aisyah Age 

i leave you this comment based on your statement about Muhammad is a phedopilia (i apologize for my bad English).

What is pedophile? Find at Wikipedia and Yahoo Answer 

have you done the research before you wrote that, sir? here i give you some statement against your words about Muhammad as a phedophilia complete with the book references that you can check by yourself from library.

Thank you for giving the chance to leave a comment.maybe you will think this is only a garbage, but at least i already did what my right as a human (same as you)..a freedom to speak. Continue reading